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The Oxen and the Butchers

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The Oxen and the Butchers

The Oxen once sought to destroy the Butchers, who practiced a trade destructive to their race.

The Oxen assembled on a certain day to carry out their purpose, and sharpened their horns for the contest. But one of them who was exceedingly old (for many a field had he plowed) thus spoke:

“These Butchers, it is true, slaughter us, but they do so with skillful hands, and with no unnecessary pain. If we get rid of them, we shall fall into the hands of unskillful operators, and thus suffer a double death: for you may be assured, that though all the Butchers should perish, yet will people will always want beef.”

Moral: Do not be in a hurry to change one evil for another.

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The Bull and the Axle-Trees

A heavy wagon was being dragged along a country lane by a team of Bulls. The Axle-trees (the wood that goes between the wheels of the wagon) groaned and creaked terribly.

After an hour of listening to the Axle-trees groaning, one of the Bulls turned around and addressed the Axle-trees: “Be Quiet! why do you make so much noise? We are doing all the work, and we, not you, should be the ones to cry out.”

Moral: Those who suffer most cry out the least.

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The Herdsman and the Lost Bull

A Herdsman tending his flock in a forest lost a Bull-calf from the fold. After a long and fruitless search, he made a vow that, if he could only discover the thief who had stolen the Calf, he would offer a lamb in sacrifice to Hermes, Pan, and the gods of the forest.

Not long afterwards, as he ascended a small hillock, he saw at its foot a Lion feeding on the Calf. Terrified at the sight, he lifted his eyes and his hands to heaven, and said:

“Just now I vowed to offer a lamb to the gods of the forest if I could only find out who had robbed me; but now that I have discovered the thief, I would willingly add a full-grown Bull to the Calf I have lost, if I may only secure my own escape from him in safety.”

Moral: Be careful what you wish for.

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