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The Lion, the Mouse, and the Fox

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The Lion, the Mouse, and the Fox

A Lion, tired by the summer’s heat, fell fast asleep in his den. A Mouse ran over his mane, nose and ears and woke him from his slumber. The Lion rose up and shook himself in great wrath, and searched every corner of his den to find the Mouse.

A Fox seeing the Lion so put out by the Mouse said: “A fine Lion you are, to be frightened of a Mouse.”

“It’s not that I’m afraid of the Mouse,” said the Lion; “I resent his familiarity and ill-breeding.”

Moral: Little liberties may be great offenses.

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The Sick Lion

A Lion, unable from old age and infirmities to provide himself with food by force, resolved to do so by trickery. He returned to his den, and lying down there, pretended to be sick, taking care that his sickness should be publicly known.

The animals expressed their sorrow, and came one by one to his den, where the Lion devoured them.

After many of the beasts had thus disappeared, the Fox discovered the trick and presenting himself to the Lion, stood on the outside of the cave, at a respectful distance, and asked him how he was.

“I am not so well,” replied the Lion, “but why do you stand without? Pray enter within to talk with me.”

“No, thank you,” said the Fox. “I notice that there are many prints of feet entering your cave, but I see no trace of any returning.”

Moral: He is wise who is warned by the misfortunes of others.

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The Fox and the Goat

A Fox one day fell into a deep well and could find no means of escape. A Goat, overcome with thirst, came to the same well, and seeing the Fox, inquired if the water was good.

Concealing his sad plight under a happy face, the Fox gave lavish praise of the water, saying it was excellent beyond measure, and encouraging the Goat to come down.

The Goat, mindful only of his thirst, thoughtlessly jumped down. As the Goat started to drink, the Fox told him of the difficulty they were both in and suggested a scheme for their common escape.

“If,” said the Fox, “you place your front feet upon the wall and bend your head, I will run up your back and escape, and will help you out afterwards.”

The Goat readily agreed and the Fox leaped upon his back. Steadying himself with the Goat’s horns, he safely reached the mouth of the well and made off as fast as he could.

When the Goat told him off for breaking his promise, the Fox turned around and cried out, “You foolish old fellow! If you had as many brains in your head as you have hairs in your beard, you would never have gone down before you had worked out the way up, nor have exposed yourself to dangers from which you had no means of escape.”

Moral: Look before you leap.

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The Donkey, the Fox and the Lion

The Donkey and the Fox, having entered into partnership together for their mutual protection, went out into the forest to hunt. They had not gone far when they met a Lion.

The Fox, seeing the imminent danger, approached the Lion and promised to arrange the capture of the Donkey if the Lion would pledge his word not to harm the Fox.

The Fox went back to the Donkey and, assuring him that he would not be hurt, the Fox led the Donkey to a deep pit and arranged that he should fall into it.

The Lion, seeing that the Donkey was secured, immediately grabbed the Fox, and attacked the Donkey at his leisure.

Moral: Don’t give up your friends to someone stronger than you to save yourself.

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The Bear and the Fox

A Bear boasted very much of his philanthropy, saying that of all animals he had the highest regard for humans, as he had such respect for humans that he would not even touch a dead human body.

A Fox hearing these words said with a smile to the Bear, “Oh! If only you would eat the dead and not the living.”

Moral: Be careful what you boast about.

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