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The Lion in Love

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The Lion in Love

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A Lion was in love with the daughter of a woodcutter. One day he went to the woodcutter and asked for her hand in marriage.

The Father, unwilling to grant, and yet afraid to refuse his request, thought of an excellent idea to rid himself of his dilemna.

He expressed his willingness to accept the Lion as the suitor of his daughter on one condition: that the Lion allowed the woodcutter to extract his teeth, and cut off his claws, as the woodcutter’s daughter was terribly afraid of both.

The Lion cheerfully agreed to the proposal. But when the toothless, clawless Lion returned to repeat his request, the Woodman, no longer afraid, set upon him with his club, and drove him away into the forest.

Moral: Think before you put yourself into someone else’s power.

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  1. 1 On June 2nd, 2010, Anonymous said:

    Love can tame the wildest

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