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The Traveler and His Dog

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The Traveler and His Dog

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A Traveler was about to set out on a journey, when he saw his Dog standing at the door stretching himself.

The Traveler asked the Dog sharply: “Why do you stand there gaping? Everything is ready but you, so come on, hurry up.”

The Dog, wagging his tail, replied: “O, master! I am quite ready; I am just waiting for you.”

Moral: The person who procrastinates often blames delay on his more active friend.

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  1. 1 On August 5th, 2011, Meteorite said:

    I would never let a dog talk back to me that way.

  2. 2 On June 28th, 2012, A. Sop said:

    A stretch, in time, saves canine.

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