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Cat and the Rooster

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A Cat caught a Rooster, and pondered how he might find a reasonable excuse for eating him. He accused him of being a nuisance to people by crowing in the nighttime and not permitting them to sleep.

The Rooster defended himself by saying that he did this for the benefit of people, that they might rise in time for their labors.

The Cat replied, “Although you abound in specious apologies, I shall not remain supperless”; and he made a meal of him.

Moral: Evildoers will always find a justification for their actions.

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  1. 1 On August 7th, 2011, curious george said:

    don’t argue with a cat

  2. 2 On August 7th, 2011, the man with the yellow hat said:

    if you don’t want to get eaten, don’t wake anybody up in the middle of the night

  3. 3 On January 1st, 2012, ehab hossam said:

    A tyranny always finds excuse fo his misdeeds

  4. 4 On July 4th, 2012, Anonymous said:

    “do not be evil!”

  5. 5 On February 20th, 2021, Tatsuhiro Tonsho said:

    This moral is quite similar to the moral for one of the Aesop’s Fables – “The Wolf and the Lamb”.

    – The tyrant can always find an excuse for his tyranny.

    – The unjust will not listen to the reasoning of the innocent.

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